Bridal Fasion Shoot

One of the things we love about being full-time photographers is the community of like minded and talented photographers we’ve come to know and admire. And despite being in our 13th year of full time photography, we’re always excited to discover new and interesting ideas that help us improve on and add to our repertoire.

So, we decided to take inspiration from one of the best and invited the super talented photographer and lighting guru, Damien Lovegrove to spend a couple of days with us. We’ve know Damien for 10+ years, having first met him on a training program in the Lake District, that he and Julie, his equally talented wife, were also attending.

The aim of the two days was to discover and develop some new techniques, with simple lighting set-ups (often just the available light) that enable us to quickly create beautiful, distinctive images for our clients. We decided to do this in two of the best wedding venues in Scotland and at time of year when the weather was horrible and the natural light was at its lowest.

As we’ve become known for our fun, natural, relaxed and elegant style of wedding photography, it’s important for us and our clients that this part of our approach doesn’t change.  But everyone loves a bit of glam, so we thought why not offer the option for something a little extra special, either as part of a wedding day or at a Post-Wedding shoot?

Bride Hair & Make-up

Both days started with our wonderful model Siobhán being expertly styled by two stars of the Scottish wedding scene Lucy Gourlay of LG Makeup and Keith Marshall of Keith Marshall Hairdressing. We photographed Siobhán’s wedding to David, in Spring 2010.  For this shoot, with the help of Keith & Lucy, we gave Siobhán two very different looks on each of the days. Oh, and stay tuned as Lucy makes another, maybe unexpected appearance later on day two of the shoot.

Wandering around Scotland’s finest stately home, Hopetoun House, a venue we are of course very familiar with (or studio is based there) with Damien before we started shooting, was a fun and interesting experience. We picked out some locations within the house, both above & ‘below stairs’ for our various set-ups. It was amazing to see that Damien too noticed several of our favourite photography locations within the 300 year old house, but also helped us discover some great areas that we could easily have taken for granted. We both enjoyed having the luxury of time to look again and notice the beauty of Hopetoun House, whether in the grand state apartments, in a hidden stairwell or in an old stable block. We worked with the minimum of lighting gear and over the course of the day mixed it with the natural light as it subtly changed, even on the darkest & coldest of Scottish winter days.

Here’s just a small selection of our (Jackie & Alan’s) pictures from the day…..

Bride in Wedding Dress

When there’s such beautiful natural light like this, why wouldn’t we use it?

Winter Wedding Photography

 And when the sun doesn’t shine – we create our own!

Hopetroun House Wedding Photography

Even one of the often unseen stairwells at Hopetoun provides the location for a beautiful and unexpected picture.

Wedding Photography Wedding Photographers Bride Portrait Wedding Photography

A Hopetoun Classic with added glamour by Siobhán.

Winter Weddings

Wedding Photographers

Even after dark there are still some fun and exciting opportunities.

For day two of our shoot we were at the luxurious, 5 Star, Exclusive Use venue, Dundas Castle.  Lucy & Keith created a change of style for Siobhán and she in turn wore a change of dresses. Initially she wore her own stunning wedding dress and later on a gorgeous Jenny Packham evening gown.

Bridal Portrait Wedding Gown

Less is more. Once again, you can’t beat simple, natural light.

Post Wedding Shoot.jpg Natural Light Photography

A quick change of dress and we’re back to using the ever changing natural light, combined with a little touch of our own.

Dundas Castle.jpg Dundas Castle Photography.jpg

 Dundas is full of beautiful & interesting spaces.

Caught you looking!



We were thrilled when our friend and make-up artist Lucy offered to wear her wedding dress for a shoot of her own, to celebrate her and husband Hugh’s 10th Wedding Anniversary. She looked stunning & had great fun too….

Post-Wedding Shoot Lucy Post Wedding Shoot.jpg Lucy Fur Jacket.jpg Dundas Wedding


Hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures and that you like what you’ve seen. If you’re interested in arranging a post-wedding shoot of your own, whether we photographed your wedding or not, just give us a call at the studio (0131 331 1441) or send us an email.

We’re very grateful to everyone who helped us pull this shoot together. So a big thank you to Siobhán, Damien, Lucy, Keith, the teams at Hopetoun House & Dundas Castle and to Lucy & Joann for the loan of their beautiful dresses.

A & J


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